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All Inclusive Sightseeing….No Extra Charges

When you travel with EastWest you need not worry about paying for additional excursions along the way. Our experts have ensured that the most comprehensive and meaningful sites at each destination are visited, as well as hidden jewels too often overlooked. Porterage, internal transportation, all entrance fees and taxes are built into the cost of each tour. Even most meals are included, although we have purposely left some out to give you flexibility, choice and an opportunity for personal exploration.

Enjoy Every Moment

Your time is important and we don’t want you to waste a moment of it. EastWest takes care of all of the details so you don’t have to. Details like luggage – once you begin the tour, your bags are taken care of until the end. While we are handling hotel check-ins and paying out gratuities, you can be free to take photos or explore. You can rest assured that every aspect of your journey has been researched, checked and planned to ensure your supreme comfort and enjoyment.

Small Groups

Your world exploration with EastWest is enhanced by the personalized attention you receive as part of a small group – no more than 20. Accesses to special venues are only possible with fewer people.


Our lecturers have decades of experience in teaching about the countries we visit as well as years of experience living and/or traveling in these countries. Their enthusiasm and knowledge is evident in their lectures and the discussions they share with you on tour. Additionally, in some cases, we have local professors who provide lectures on the history and culture of their home country.

Superb Accommodations

Every hotel and ship is carefully chosen to ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment. We look for deluxe hotels that are located in historic centers and are in easy walking distance to cultural attractions. Whererver possible, we stay at recently renovated, old world hotels with character representative of the local culture.