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Dear Traveler:

EastWest International Tours was created 37 years ago when Bob led his first group tour to the Soviet Union. Previously he had lived in Moscow as a visiting professor at Moscow State University, an experience that provided him with a unique perspective of life in the Soviet Union. He was determined to share those experiences outside the classroom. This resulted in a new concept in the travel industry: a company where many of the tours are escorted by professors in various fields or where professors in the countries we travel to provide lectures and tell the stories of the fascinating history and culture of the people and places visited. Countries are more than museums, palaces, and cathedrals. EastWest Tours makes them come alive when one learns about the people and their history.

Since that very first tour, we have gradually expanded our programs across the globe. Each year, we work with our panel of experts to design tours that highlight the history, culture and unique travel opportunities presented by some of the world’s most fascinating countries. The close-knit atmosphere we bring to each journey clearly sets us apart from other corporate tour operators. Each of our tours consists of no more than 20 passengers, all-inclusive touring, engaging discussions and lectures complemented by superb accommodations. Many of our travelers have toured with us eight, nine and even ten times and have made great friends along the way.

In 2016 EastWest introduces a new destination, Switzerland and Argentina & Patagonia.

The EastWest philosophy of travel has always been unique and fun – explore world cultures, learn something amazing about every place you visit and, most important of all, meet new people at every destination. Our guests often return home to realize that the very places they have just explored are at the center of world events highlighted in the news. We invite you to join our family of travelers and look forward to leading you on many more years of fascinating historical adventures.